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July 2015

Yoga Benefits For Women – A Complete Guide

Every morning, while my kids are waiting for their PBS cartoons to start, we always catch the tail end of a yoga show. The instructor has a calm voice, soft music plays, and there’s usually a relaxing setting on display like a beach with gently rolling waves. Years ago, when I was thinking…

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Benefits of Chia Seeds – A Great Superfood

Chia seeds are considered one of the healthiest foods. I’ll admit. I used to completely ignore chia seeds. That was before I understood all their great health benefits. They may be small, but they’re some of the healthiest foods you’ll ever find. They have great benefits for…

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Benefits of Almond Flour and Benefits of Almond Milk

Every time we go to the grocery store, we see almond milk sitting next to the “regular” dairy milk. We walk down the baking aisle and there’s almond flour next to regular and wheat flour. We often find ourselves wondering what’s the big deal about almonds? What makes it so unique and …

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Welcome To My Health SIte

Welcome to all of you to you my health site. It’s a great pleasure to welcome all of you on board and thanks for visiting my site.

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